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We are a family of 5 and calculated that we lost approx. 18 hours vacation to:

  • making lists

  • gathering beach umbrellas, tents, chairs, toys, speakers, chargers, and games

  • going to the grocery store either before we left or when we arrived

  • packing the car at home before heading to the beach and then packing back up for the trip home

  • unpacking at the beach and when we got back to our rental

  • transporting all the items to and from the beach

  • lugging the items across the sand (husband/dad was always our packmule)

  • setting everything up

  • breaking everything down, and

  • having to knock the sand off of everything before packing them up

This lost time did not factor in the exhaustion and stress of all the planning and work. This is when we decided that no family should forgo this much of their time...time where you should be relaxing, de-stressing, and/or spending with your loved ones. 

We want to provide excellent service...service you would receive if you were staying at a 5 Star Resort. Almost all resorts have a concierge service and we want to be your personal concierge by meeting your needs. This is where our mission was born and we cannot wait to give you back your time and reduce your stress while on vacation.

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