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our mission

To provide luxury concierge services that allows you to maximize your time relaxing and spending quality time with those you enjoy on your vacation.

Concierge Service

You deserve to relax while enjoying the beauty and sounds of the ocean so allow us to provide you with resort-quality service.  We will set up an canopy tent or umbrella with chairs at the location closest to your rental along with many extras to ensure you have the most relaxing time. We can also provide you with the ultimate vacation service of stocking your refrigerator and/or pantry before you arrive so you do not need to make a stop at or go to the the grocery store after a long day of traveling.

Our Services


Beach Service

You lose over 60 minutes transporting, setting up, and breaking down your beach gear each day. That's an entire day lost during your vacation...time you could be spending relaxing, sunbathing, playing, or reading. Your time is precious so let us add a day back to your week! Click here to reserve.


Grocery Service

One of the last things you will want to do after a long day of traveling is to go to the grocery store to stock the refrigerator or pantry.  We will not only do your shopping for you but will also work with your rental agency to bring the groceries in and put them away. Relax, we will do the rest.  


Porter Service

You made it but now you must unload the car...more energy to spend and relaxation time to lose. We will come to you, unload the car, and place all luggage and gear where you want it. Not only will this allow you more time to enjoy your vacation but you will not throw your back out either. 

Customer Testimonials

"My husband and I stayed in Ana Maria Island [sic] for a week and it was so wonderful to have our tent set up every day with chairs Wi-Fi [Bluetooth Speaker] and a table and be able to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful beach and ocean view without the wind on us! Every day we just left these wonderful people know what we needed for the day and he always had it set up for us by 10:00 AM. No dragging tents and chairs on the beach, we absolutely loved it!" - Sandra W.

Service Locations

 Anna Maria Island

City of Anna maria

Holmes Beach 

 Bradenton Beach 

No Service at Bean Point or Coquina Beach

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